2019 High-grade men’s silk 3 shirt with long sleeves hangzhou high-grade 100% mulberry silk shirt in silk satin blockbuster


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High-grade men's silk shirt with long sleeves hangzhou high-grade 100% authentic mulberry silk shirt in silk satin blockbuster

High-end silk fabrics! Fabric drape elegant & middot; Comfortable and soft & middot; Satin moist & middot; Beautiful and elegant! Natural mulberry silk carefully weaving! Many years of experience in international luxury brand OEM, with luxury brands – with origin – technology – same fabrics – standard -. Fabrics Authentic mulberry silk in hangzhou.

Thickness: regular sleeve length: long sleeve version: standard collar type: party led color: black, pink Wine red Light blue blue light purple brown Designs and sizes: 170/88 175/92 180/96 185/100 fabric categories: silk brand: top grade empire material: silk silk content: more than 95% of the time to market: in 2016 for scene: daily applicable season: applies the four seasons: middle-aged foundation style: business gentleman style: segment function: business casual fabrics no-iron pattern: lattice clothing technology: wash and wear of garment design details: printing

Size (cm), L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Length, 72, 73, 74, 75

The chest, 106 – 112 – 118- 122

Shoulder width, 46- 47- 48- 49


This shop is in centimeters, as a result of different measurement methods, measurement allows 1-3cm internal error, This situation is not a quality problem.

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Silk and health:

Since ancient times, there are “silk silk Queen” of good reputation. In modern times, people give it a “healthy fiber”, “health care fiber” laudatory name. Therefore, the silk fiber health function is not any fiber can not be compared, alternative. Silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, contain amino acids of human skin with not much difference between. It is human “second skin” the laudatory name. To wear silk clothes, not only can prevent ultraviolet radiation, preventing harmful gas invasion, resistance to harmful bacteria, but also can enhance the surface activity of skin cells, promote skin cells the new supersedes the old. At the same time, has a good role of adjuvant therapy for some skin diseases. In addition, because of the special moisture absorption and permeability, and regulate body temperature, regulating the role of water.

Must wear mulberry silk underwe

Hello! Method and notice for cleaning silk fabric: 1, a wide variety of real silk, it is recommended to check the laundry before washing labels. Some varieties should not be washed, flowery satin, brocade, satin, silk, the ancient incense incense, Tianxiang crepe velvet; some varieties suitable for dry cleaning, such as velvet, Zhangrong, georgette; some can be washed, wash before soak in cold water for about 10 minutes, the soaking time should not be too long. Washing in cold water or warm water, not long time soaking; gentle pinch wash, avoid rubbing vigorously. Hand wash. Deep color is generally easy to fade; 2, not alkali resistant, should be used without enzyme or neutral detergent for silk; 3, do not use chlorine detergent soak, available oxygen detergent stains color; 4, using extrusion washing, avoid wringing, squeeze to remove water, dried or dried binary suspension suspension, not the sun, not dry; 5, to use the soft agent to maintain soft touch and anti-static.

Silk material is delicate, it is better to dry cleaning, if you insist on water and not afraid of problems

Also please use silk professional detergent (or the applicable body wash protect products, such as shampoo shower gel) soft hand

Do not forcibly knead, easy to broken wires, also do not twist wring force after washing.

Silk tinting strength is limited, please do not soak for a long time, silk after washing are easy to wrinkle, cold pressing.

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